Active and Upcoming Projects

in Pandhari & Math Jalgaon

Zilla Parishad School


Pandhari has one Zilla Parishad school. This school is currently in a dilapidated condition. The main school building and roof are structurally unsafe. Classrooms don’t have enough daylight and natural ventilation. We are planning to build a sustainable and eco friendly school which can become an example for other villages.

Rebuilding Tanda School

Math Jalgaon

The Banjara community school has almost 50 kids crammed into two small, badly ventilated overheated rooms. We are proposing rebuilding proper school rooms for these children.

Rainwater Harvesting

Math Jalgaon

Math Jalgaon needs rainwater harvesting work to be completed before the rainy season begins to benefit from the monsoon.

School Toilets


The current school toilets are in such a bad condition, it has forced the children to resort to open defecation. School girls especially face a lot of problems with access to toilet and hygiene. Nabhangan Foundation is planning to build 5 boys’ toilets and 5 girls’ toilet. In these toilets wastewater can be recycled to use for cleaning purpose. This will help to reduce the burden on common water sources.

Banjara Community Houses

Math Jalgaon

A hundred families of the Banjara community have been residing in the Math Jalgaon village from past 20 years, working as cotton pickers for hire. They don’t own land and their current houses are in unlivable condition. Our foundation is planning to build sustainable, low carbon footprint houses for these families.

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