About Nabhangan

A not-for-profit NGO working in the fields of rural regeneration & community building to empower villages to self-reliance.

Why Nabhangan?

68.6 % of our total population live in Rural India, yet only a fraction of the development touches these parts. 

70 % of the Rural economy depends upon Agriculture, yet this is one of the most overlooked economical sectors. 

65 % of the Natural resources of rural India are getting degraded, yet not many care about it. 

25 % of the world’s food production comes from Rural India, yet 1 million farmers committed suicide in the last twenty years. 

Rural India suffers from many malaises, the primary ones being:

– Unemployment

– Suicide

– Climate Deaths

– Droughts

– Urban Migration

– Education Dropouts

– Health Issues

– Economic Crisis

– Agriculture Stress

The question is do we only look towards government plans and schemes and wait endlessly without doing anything from our side. Why can’t we take charge of changing our own destiny and synergize with the external efforts, so that the changes are swift, profound, and sustainable? Nabhangan is one such effort. 


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