Empowering Our Roots to Embrace the Skies

A foundation that belongs to each and every person who wants to make a difference, who thinks that change begins from each of us.

Why Villages Matter?

Villages are the roots of our society.

Indian villages have glued the country together for centuries by being self-sufficient. Currently, villages are being rapidly uprooted as 833 million rural Indians are facing an extremely painful transformation

And as has been famously said, “If villages perish, India perishes too.”

About Us

Nabhangan Foundation is a not-for-profit NGO working in the fields of all-round rural development and community building to empower villages to self-reliance.

Nabhangan Foundation is a section 8 not for profit company.


  • Motivating & managing social capital is the first and most difficult part of the process.
  • Building self-reliance amongst villagers is more important than throwing money into ad hoc projects for “beautifying the village”.
  • Within two/three years, a village can become self-sustaining in all critical aspects.
  • Even though every village has unique needs, Nabhangan can replicate learnings & create best practices across villages with a dedicated team of partners and supporters.

Completed Toilets

Strong Team


Our hope is that within a decade we can create at least fifteen such villages which can then provide us resources and inspiration for other villages.

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